Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holiday photos

My postings are really very erratic.  Our schools have been on holiday for 3 weeks and we went away for a few days to Kimberley and Golden Gate. It was fabulous to take a few days off from work and escape from the household duties.

Below are a few photos - the first one is our bedroom at Welgewandel B&B in Kimberley and then an early morning shot of the big hole where I was hoping to spot some glistening diamonds - but no luck!!

Here are some of the shops which were re constructed to look like the village way back when with my daughter, Amy and another one below with both my special children, Gary and Amy with yours truly.

On the stamping front I have been doing very little - just snatching a little time now and then to shade images, so that when I get lots of time I will be able to make up cards.
Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day.


  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday pics with us Gail. They are lovely. Looking at them transports me to what it must have sounded like in those days gone by... the excitement at finding your first diamond... the sound of the horse and carts parading up and down those old dirt roads... wonderful history that we have. hugs Sharon

  2. Lovely holiday pics Gail, thanks for sharing! Have a great day! x

  3. Followed the link from Sharon Keanly's blog, lovely holiday pics and a lovely card you made fro her.


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